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To run Qlik Associative Engine with a paid license, you are required to run this service. Make sure that you have read and understood how licensing in Qlik Core works.


The License service is available on Docker Hub as a Docker image: qlikcore/licenses.

It is developed by Qlik as closed source.


You need to configure the License service with an environment variable LICENSE_KEY containing your signed license key.

You also need to configure Qlik Associative Engine where to find it. You can do this by passing the following command line argument to the Qlik Associative Engine.

-S LicenseServiceUrl=<License service URL>


To see an example of a license configuration, see the core-using-licenses repository.


In most Qlik Core deployments, you will only need to deploy a single instance of this service. This is because traffic between Qlik Associative Engine instances and the License service is relatively low. It does however support multiple instances if needed.

Health check

For health checking, the service exposes /health on port 9200, and it always responds with http status code 200 OK.


For Prometheus metrics scraping, the service exposes /metrics on port 9200. It provides the following metrics associated with your license:

Name Type Description
license_time_consumption GAUGE Number of license minutes consumed this month. This metrics is only showed if any minutes have been consumed.
license_time_total GAUGE The total amount of license minutes per month your license gives you.

To see an example of how you can use these metrics to create dashboards of your license consumption, see the core-using-licenses repository.


This service complies with the Logging conventions. By default, the minimum log level is info.

You can override the minimum logging level by providing the LICENSES_LOG_LEVEL environment variable.

License Events

If no valid license exists or all license minutes are already consumed and the Qlik Associative Engine is configured to run in licensed mode without overreach it will send a SESSION_ERROR_NO_LICENSE push event on the websocket and then close it.

If during a license renewal there are no more license minutes and your license is without overreach a SESSION_ERROR_LICENSE_RENEW push event will be sent from the Qlik Associative Engine and afterwards the websocket will be closed.