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Data Connector API

Experimental feature

This feature is in an experimental state. Use with caution since this feature may change in the future.

The Data Connector API in Qlik Associative Engine is based on gRPC. If you are new to gRPC we recommend that you read their documentation as well as check our examples how they are used when loading data into the engine.

In Qlik Core, a connector is typically implemented as a stateless Docker container that sits between the engine and the data source, as shown in the diagram below.


API Specification

The Data Connector API is documented here.


We recommend that you have a look at the respective example projects below to see a full working connector. There is also a tutorial available describing step-by-step on how to start using a gRPC connector and fetch data from a database here.


For large data sets, it is important to choose a language that meets your performance requirements. Although gRPC is a fast protocol, it still comes with some computational overhead, especially in managed/interpreted languages like JavaScript. Go seems to be fast enough to saturate a gigabit line, which covers most requirements.

JDBC connector built with Java

PostgreSQL connector built with Go

MongoDB connector built with JavaScript

Prometheus connector built with Python