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October 2018

A little bit more than a month has passed since Qlik Core went from beta to a live product. During this month we have focused on adding tools to support experienced and new developers in their journey to start working with Qlik Core.

Introducing corectl

First versions of corectl was released initial bug fixing, documentation and usability enhancements. The goal is to deliver a command line interface (CLI) for the Qlik Associative Engine that can be used to interact with your apps, objects, and data.


The main use cases are:

  • View: List applications, view and query data within and evaluate expressions
  • Develop: Create, update and model a Qlik application
  • Script: Support scripting and automation of common tasks

After initial feedback we also added support for:

Full change log

Introducing catwalk

Next step after addressing the load and view use cases we looked into data modelling and created the catwalk project. When you have created an initial load script you quickly end up in the data modelling problem space and might need to help to find out how the data is associated and how interactions with the data impacts the model. After creating two prototypes we ended up with a combined view where we focus on fields and their relation from a table point of view. The project is in its early stages and we are experimenting with how we should provide the best user experience.

As most of our work the code is open source and is hosted on GitHub, you can follow the project from our initial prototypes to the current version on the master branch.


Mira released

In combination with the Qlik Core launch we released the first major version of Mira which no longer require a sidecar management component to talk to the kubernetes APIS to request deployment data.

Coming up

In the coming month we will continue focus on data modelling and harden corectl. Stay tuned and join the conversation in: