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December 2018

In the final update for this year we would like to highlight a few updates we have made.

Evaluation Trial License

To better support scalability and load testing evaluations, we have added a trial license without the limitations of the community edition (most notably, the limit of 5 concurrent sessions).

More information can be found on the license page.

Data model experience

With the basic scope in place we have started fine tuning our data modeling tool catwalk. Some of the items we've delivered:

Support modal state in begin selection

When the user begins selecting items in a filterbox, the list is not sorted until the selection mode is ended, i.e. the user unselects the filterbox. Once the selection mode has ended, the selections are accepted and the filterbox is sorted with the selected items on top.


Redirect users based on security level

The catwalk tool automatically redirects to http / https, matching the security level of the websocket connecting to engine. E.g. a local connection to ws:// will result in catwalk redirecting to

Check it out at, where catwalk is continuously deployed.

Hardening the corectl tool

After major restructuring of the commands last month, we have continued polishing in order to prepare the tool for the removal of the experimental flag. In addition to this, we added the following features:

Removing objects

Added support for removing applications or objects within an application (connections, dimensions, measures).

corectl remove app theapp
corectl remove connection connection-id

Fetching connections

Previously you could only set connections but not list them. This has been fixed in the new release.

corectl get connections

Keep yourself up-to-date by looking for the latest releases in corectl.


In January 2019, we will continue polishing our data loading tool corectl and will add usability features and documentation to catwalk.

Happy New Year, stay tuned and join the conversation via: