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February 2019

Welcome to the February 2019 Qlik Core update. We're highlighting a couple of important changes and improvements which we hope you will like.

Usability and design changes in catwalk

Since being moved to stable last month, we've made several small usability improvements and design changes along with a couple of bug fixes.

Show selected but excluded

We have added support for the select excluded selection state, which can be used for deeper data model analysis. A value enters the selected excluded state because the value was first selected, and then excluded by a selection in another field. This value will be described in catwalk with green on light grey background.

Please note the color scheme is inspired by the QlikView coloring and corresponds to dark grey and check mark in Qlik Sense.

More information about Qlik's selection model can be found in the Qlik Sense help pages.


Reworked top bar with new menu

The top bar in catwalk has been reworked, adding a new menu containing project-wide links. Apart from the existing link to the guide, you can also navigate to the Engine apps overview through Choose App.


Guide for Qlik Sense Enterprise integration

Since a lot of our users come from a Qlik Sense background, we have created a how-to which describes how to open apps from Qlik Sense Enterprise in catwalk.

When the catwalk URL is white-listed in your deployment, you can also use our Qlik Sense extension to quickly open the current application's data model in catwalk.


Improvements in corectl

To prepare corectl for a 1.0.0 release, we improved the existing tests and created a plan for the remaining work. Awaiting the release, we added a couple requested changes:

Improved logging

To simplify debugging, we added the flag --traffic which logs JSON websocket traffic to stdout. This might come in handy if you would like to dig deeper into what is happening after you execute a command (and especially if it fails).


Support for nested objects

We've also been asked if we could support nested objects (parent <-> children) such as sheets and their content. With the latest 0.4.0 release, we added support for these to make it easier to build full Qlik applications.

The objects are set by adding the --objects parameter to corectl or in the configuration file:

  - ./object-definitions.json

An example of a nested structure can be found in our corectl repo.

Guide connecting to a local PostgreSQL

We also received some questions around setting up a local PostgreSQL for the testing and debugging of our PostgreSQL connector. This prompted us to create a guide to help the process. Take a look at this if you are starting a new project and are interested in how to quickly get up and running with Qlik Core and connectors.

Knowledge article - Qlik Core tooling

Finally, we released a Qlik Branch Knowledge article providing a walk-through of our development tools — corectl and catwalk. Through a beer scoring app tutorial, it gives an example of a developer flow showing data loading, data modeling and how to analyze your data model while developing.

Give it a try and, as always, don't be afraid to give us feedback on what you like and what you are missing.


In March, we plan to move corectl from the experimental state to a 1.0.0 release. Stay tuned!