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May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 Qlik Core update. We're highlighting a couple of important changes and improvements which we hope you will like.

Release of corectl


After a final touch up we released corectl as a stable 1.0.0. As described in previous update we changed the command structure and with this release we confirmed it. However, it is not a release and forget, and we have already reached v1.1.1.

Installation through snap and brew

To simplify for our Mac and Linux users out there, we have added support for installing and updating corectl through the popular package management systems brew and snap.

In brew, install through:

brew tap qlik-oss/taps
brew install qlik-corectl

In snap, install through:

snap install qlik-corectl

Even though the package name has a prefix qlik- the installed binary will be called corectl.

Support for multiple entities in files

We have added support for having multiple entities in object files (measures, dimensions and objects). Depending on your preference you can add multiple objects in one json file or divide them into several.

        "qInfo": {
            "qId": "avgSize",
            // ...
        "qInfo": {
            "qId": "entries",
            // ...

Other fixes

  • Fix bash completion in Widows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)
  • Additional information in the version command
  • Align error messages

New File Connector API in engine

A new File Connector API has been released in engine, giving us a new way of working with remote files. Functionality wise, the feature is similar to the folder connector used to access local files. If you are familiar with this you will feel home since load script functions such as Load, Store and FileSize() will work as expected.

The feature is intended to enable a user to load or store files from external sources such as an S3 bucket, Dropbox or other remote storage services. With the release we have provided an overview, S3 file connector example and a tutorial explaining its usage.

Enhancements in catwalk

We have continued to work with the feedback we receive (keep it coming!) and have some updates you might like.

Right align numeric values

A common activity during data modeling is sanitation of data. Dirty data such as numbers with trailing spaces, null values or incorrect decimal character may introduce errors in measurements which need to be found and fixed. To support these cases numeric values will be right aligned to differentiate against string values


Use of hamus.js

Since the release of hamus.js we could refactor some of the catwalk code to use the hamus.js hooks for engine communication. If you are interested, take a look for more examples on how to use hamus.js .

Separate tabs for fields, dimensions and measures

With a growing application the number of fields, dimensions and measures might get crowded and hard to navigate. To remedy this we divide the categories in tabs.


Your data will not leave the browser

On and off, we receive questions if the engine data is exposed when using the hosted catwalk version. To cut a long answer short, stay calm, no data is sent outside your browser session and your engine. More information can be found in our data policy.

Other improvements

  • Added possibility to remove columns in the hypercube builder.